Улаанбаатар хотын Цэвэр агаар нэмэлт санхүүжилтийн төсөл
Ulaanbaatar Clean air additional fund project

About us

Our mission & vision

Execute development policy together.
We are the leading collective known with our capabilities.

What we did?
Ulaanbaatar Services Improvement Project, with starting from 1997, has been extensively contributing its effort to the UB city’s ger area development through water supply improvement, construction of road, flood protection facilities and drainages, pathway, bridge, lightning, public services center, environment and greening to sustain ger area infrastructure development, and furthermore extending its effort to the public and private partnership development.

Institutional Manual
We are operating in accordance with strategy policy document (i.e. Institutional Manual) to enhance efficient use of state budget’s and donors’ investment and to strengthen liaison among stakeholders. Read more

Our Organizational Structure


Улаанбаатар хотын Цэвэр агаар нэмэлт санхүүжилтийн төсөл

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