Улаанбаатар хотын Цэвэр агаар нэмэлт санхүүжилтийн төсөл
Ulaanbaatar Clean air additional fund project

Environmental and Social Safeguards Guidelines PHRD

1. Objectives of the Guidelines

The objectives of these guidelinesare to identify and explain potential key environmental and social safeguards issues associated with the Improving Disaster Risk Management in Mongolia (the Project) and approaches to address the issues.

2. Project Description

Project Development Objectives of the Project are to improve the disaster preparedness of Ulaanbaatar and to reduce the impact of “dzud” on rural livelihoods. The Project is funded by the Policy and Human Resources Development (PHRD) Technical Assistance Program to Support Disaster Reduction and Recovery, with an amount of US $2.73 million. It is implemented by the Municipality of Ulaanbaatar and the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture.

The project consists of the following parts: Managing Urban Disaster Risk in Mongolia (Part A) and Managing Climatic Risk in Rural Mongolia (Part B).



Улаанбаатар хотын Цэвэр агаар нэмэлт санхүүжилтийн төсөл

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